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Why is there so much porn variety on the internet? The answer is simple: everyone has their own tastes, and even  a person's mood can vary from one moment to another, making that person want something different. In other words, we do not always want to see the same thing. Even those pornstars who have been fucking and sucking for a year and a half can get tired.

Sometimes, you do not even want to see professional videos, just simply those of amateur women and men in a more natural state. The performers are regular people, maybe a neighbor. But they film with such passion in the privacy of a room or in "forbidden" places, such as the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room, which is sometimes more arousing than professional content. I know because it has happened to me too.

That is why we put this list together. I love seeing these college students, street girls and housewives doing dirty little things out of pure love of art. You see them as novices ... and that's pretty cool.

Why? Because being less acted, and being filmed in familiar places and with people who do not seem to be drawn from a virtual fantasy, amateur videos look more like real life. It's almost like opening the door to that huge tits slut who lives in the apartment next door, and fuck her!

Why in Porn Finger and not anywhere else?
I don't doubt that you are one of those porn searchers capable of finding a hardcore amateur video, or an unpublished edition, in a matter of seconds. But why go through all the trouble. Be a simple person like most. You know first-hand the frustration of wandering the internet and not finding that video that gets you going.

It is that the Internet is not designed for porn people, much less Google. It's bad when it comes to adult things! If what you're looking for on Google are photos of kittens, fine. But if it is the best porn with the best quality and the best girls, they will trick you with a thousand obstacles. Believe me, I have had a few experiences like that.

But Porn Finger is different, because it was created to be the most amazing and comprehensive directory of pornsites and much more. Here you have, in one place, the best amateur porn sites that I could find in my long and sometimes frustrating nights of wandering. The end result is porn list for will you dont go through the same thing. If you don't t believe me, just check the brief descriptions of each site, or access them. With a simple look you will be convinced. Or you'll cum, it's up to you!

Nobody can doubt that my collection is first: videos on HDTV and UHDV, with spectacular girls and scenes that will blow your brains. And, very important, it is content 100% free of viruses and security threats. So you will not have to lose your head because of those little bugs that creep into your PC, just to fuck up your collection of forbidden stuff.

What will I find in the amateur sites of Porn FInger?
The best! What did you expect, eh ...? But, in addition to that, you will have at your disposal a lot of excellent websites, as you can appreciate.

On PornHub or XTube, for example, you'll see everything. Girls getting a huge dildo up their tight pussy. Three guys fucking a couple of sluts that they met at the last work party. A marriage becoming as dirty as possible between a man and a woman (one of my favorites. Innocent teens (18+) exploring their sexuality in front of the mirror. What ever you can imagine that is legal.

Just think about your wildest fantasies and add a camera to them: you'll find sites like Eporner, Spankwire, PornRox and others that you can see in the list of links in this section.

But not because you're amateur, you'll have to scare off low-quality videos. Not at all! That was one of my goals when creating Porn FInger: all the content of this directory of porn sites, even if it was the most amateur, had to be at least in some type of HD quality. And I fulfilled it!

The ads arent to bad, after all it is free.. you can become a member on most sites to avoid ads and access the full content and other facilities. The best usually costs a few bucks a month. But, as I said, they are few. I have tried for most of them to be of the "enter and enjoy" type, without much difficulty.

The content of almost all these websites are organized into categories: masturbation, anal, big tits, brunette, gay, Latina, exchanges, lesbians, Asians, etc. In most cases, you can use the internal search engine. You will see how easy it will be to get exactly what you are looking for.

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