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If you're a regular at watching live porn, you've probably visited sites like My Free Cams, and Live Jasmin. But there is one that is not left behind: Chaturbate. This excellent online live sex site is up to the aforementioned, not only because of the number of users: also because of the quality of the cam shows. So, if you get excited by looking at a person performing live on the other side of the screen, you have landed in the right spot.

Masturbate while chatting with Chaturbate
Sure you have already realized that Chaturbate is a fun game of words that refers to its purpose: masturbate chatting. But in reality it is much more than that. And the creators of this wonderful site bet on the power of social networks to connect people with similar tastes. Because what you are looking for, others are also looking for too.

Chaturbate currently has thousands of registered users of all ages and parts of the world. Many of them are connected at this moment in order to give or receive pleasure through live sex. To give you an idea, you will see people from Asia, Europe and North America doing all sorts of dirty things like masturbating, using sex toys, dancing to a streaptease, having sex with your partner or roommate, doing orgies and whatever else you can imagine.

Everything from the privacy of your rooms, sometimes for hours. In fact, the first time I entered Chaturbate it was as if I had accessed a parallel universe. Because it's amazing what people can do when no one is looking at them ... except for freaks like you and me!

In addition, the experience of watching online, here and now, is much more exciting than watching a film produced a long time ago and which, in the end, you know is nothing more than a fiction. As the adage says, reality often surpasses fiction. That's why sites like Chaturbate have no comparison.

Cam shows for all tastes and easy to find
Chaturbate is conceived to unite people beyond any fetish or sexual preference, since it does not make distinctions of any kind. In other words, you may see a blue-eyed Australian who plays with her dildo, an Asian guy undressing little by little, or watch a hot meeting between transsexuals.

To choose the type of cam shows that you want to see, on the main Chaturbate page there are several tabs that include the content by gender: women, men, couples and trans.

The active tab by default (that is, when you enter Chaturbate) is the Highlights tab. Here, online users with a greater number of viewers appear without gender distinction. A quick glance is enough to notice that some cam shows have not hundreds, but thousands and even tens of thousands of spectators at this precise moment. You can imagine! These are users who have already earned a place in Chaturbate: porn stars of intimacy.

On the other hand, you have the possibility to go directly to the kind of experience you are looking for, thanks to the Chaturbate tags. As in other adult pages, these tags are similar to Twitter and Facebook hashtags, and their goal is to encompass all the live cams of a particular topic in the same space. For example: anal penetration, big tits, asian, pubic hair, 18+, pregnant, big dicks, etc. That way, you will not have to go see user by user.

In addition, the free Chaturbate cameras are classified according to several criteria: gender (women, men, couples and trans), age ranges from 18, state or province, and regions of the planet (North America, Europe and Russia, Asia and South America) , among other). You also have private broadcasts of 6, 12, 18, 30 and 90 chips per minute.

Some recommendations for a better experience
A disadvantage of the sites of cam shows, is that from time to time you can come across something unpleasant. To avoid this, in addition to using the Chaturbate tabs and tags, it is important that before accessing a chat room you have a look at the preview information.

Below the photo of the user is shown not only the nickname, but the age and a brief description of what he or she is doing. Also, if it is broadcasting in High Definition resolution or not, the time it takes, and the number of viewers.

The amount of spectators is important, because it gives you a measure of how good (or bad) the cam show in question is. So everything, do not kid yourself! There are wonders out there that others have not yet discovered, and you may have the pleasure of being one of the first. Also, your tastes do not have to be those of the majority either.

Regarding this, you may be interested to know that in Chaturbate you can make recommendations and request what you want to see. That way, you will not only be satisfied, but you will help others to enjoy new experiences. To finish, let me recommend that you also visit the Chaturbate blog. There you can keep up to date with the news], information that may interest you, opinions of users and gossip related to the most popular models, among other things. I invite you to join the Chaturbate community from PornFinger, the new and better directory of xxx sites on the internet. It will be one of the best choices you have made. And do not forget that you can also create your own chat rooms and give your best to reach a position among the most popular. Dont' forget to signup and throw some tokens at the performers. They might do what you want or have a menu ready for you.

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