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PornHub, the fucking porn odyssey! The giant of the industry looks at us with omnipotence knowing that it is the largest adult content site on the internet. Matt Keezer founded it 2007 in Canada and sold it to Fabian Thylmann in 2010. As easy, as if they were exchanging applications in the playground. That same year it becomes part of the Manwin network that later became known as MindGeek, the latter also has such striking sites as Redtube or Youporn. And although we know that PornHub is not the most popular site, it is by far the largest sexual content provider in the entire system.

When you think about masturbating, do it big, because you know that there is nothing better than a bullfight when you can choose exactly what to do. And this is exactly what PornHub offers us; an endless number of dirty girls fulfilling the fantasies of millions of men. Whether it's for money or because they like fucking, they'll fulfill their goal: get all the milk out before it clogs your brain and sprouts out of control through your ears. With scenes that come to us from the greats such as Vivid, Brazzers or Elegant Angel, the page intelligently intersperses its amateur content to give us an experience that includes even the most exotic niches.

The definitive enemy of brides, girlfriends, and wives. Why would you go through the titanic and boring task of banging that ungrateful vagina you have at home while trying to lubricate a little what you know years agot is dead and end up giving three or four mediocre shoves (at the most) and tha sad and monotonous ejaculation that comes next? Nooo! IF there are girls of all races and models waiting to give you the most extreme orgasms of your life, just behind the screen. With a simple click you become the master, the master of the universe who sits calm to while seeking pleasure.

Surely it must be expensive. Well you will thank me until the end of the world when I tell you that entering the PornHub club is totally free. The king is magnanimous with his subjects and you can access a varitey of information (at least in the span of a lifetime) for absolutely nothing. Obviously, being a regular user you will have to deal with the damn publicity (or what did you think?). It is not asannoying as in other places, where they throw you in the middle of the entire screen full of watermarks  and advertisements. Now, if your hunger is great or your taste borders on snobbery, you can also enter the famous Premium category. They will make the following offers 2 trial days for $11, one month of membership for $20, 12 months of membership for $10 and finally the offer of the house; more than 50% off the regular price with a bill of $ 119 for a full year of membership.

Why pay when I have it for free? To start, you can enjoy the best resolution qualities in the middle, one of the most complete HD libraries that the world of porn has ever seen, ready to download directly to your drive. There are more than 85,000 HD scenes available with more than 12,000 porn stars, distributed among 13,000 DVDs and 50 hardcore categories. Theu also have free access to their live webcams where the most insane and vicious live sex cam models on the internet work and play. 

How is browsing a site that houses such an immense collection of adult content? Well, with the same ease and ease you might need to perform a search on Google or Wikipedia, there you will have a search bar where you will have the ability to dig deep using keywords such as: anal, blondes, MILFS, bondage, teacher, cumshot, facial, bbc, ebony and almost any other fetish that you can think of. If you are interested in searching for your favorite porn stars, you can also enter their name in the search bar. Do you like to show photos of your penis, vagina, or other? (uhmm), be more professional and take advantage of the fact that you have the option to send and share video through PornHub. Reactions and consequences ?, This site is fun, signup and start Downloading, streaming, chatting, until tired? You'll be happy to know that you can upload your home video and setup your own channel too. Come back to for the most amazing porn directory or porn list.

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