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With more than 1,500 titles and 34 years of experience making movies for perverts like you, Vivid Entertainment Group is one of the most important producers in the porn industry to which famous stars such as Hanna Hilton, Nikki Tyle and Jenna Jameson have belonged. , just to mention a few.

On its website,, you will find very well-built feature films and porn stars of all kinds to satisfy the most varied taste, yes, they will give you soft, dirty but never extreme hardcore. However, do not let this fool you, in any way it is not Disney and the Vivid Girls are true voluptuous and perverse pornstars that you will never be able to see on another page, because they work exclusively for the production company. In his most recent scenes you will notice image quality, gay and / or interracial themes, among other unconventional aspects for the pornsite. In addition, it has a section dedicated to show the most vicious facet of some celebrities who are not enough in Hollywood. For the insatiable, there will always be a lot of extra scenes that are not shown in the original feature film, for reasons you may want to know.

The website is quite simple and intuitive and on the main page it usually shows the most famous girls of the moment. You can search by categories and sites, explore the gallery, find the actress you want to see, among other features. The weakness of the site is that it responds to the content of a producer that discards gore, gonzo and other forms of pornography much more extreme and inclusive that really are in high demand on the internet.

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